We are one of the few mezcal companies that were born from a Oaxacan project, we are proud of our origins and our people.


That is why all of the value chain activities are kept in Oaxaca, from the planting, bottling, management, promotion and marketing. What makes us who we are is the fact that we create community, we employ Oaxacan talents and our offices as well as all our activities are in Oaxaca, one of the least developed states of Mexico.


We produce our mezcals in only one palenque to preserve unique flavors, in order to generate added value and support native families as much as possible, thereby, contributing to reducing local migration to the United States.


We promote fair trade, job creation and appreciation for farmers, cutters and those who are involved in the mezcal production process. We also promote artisanal products from the region through our showroom in Oaxaca City and through our online store.


CONVITE takes its role very seriously in planting, salvaging and ensuring the wild agave species’ continuity, which are the magueys in which we are specialized.


In 1986, the master distiller Daniel Hernandez decided that we should specialize in wild agaves and, that same year, we started with the cultivation of wild agaves such as Tobalá, Tepextate and Madrecuishe. When the certification by the Mezcal Regulatory Council started in 2012, we separated each variety of agave into plantations. As part of our 2018 reforestation plan, we plant nearly five hundred thousand wild agaves of different varieties in our San Baltazar plantation which we use to produce our artisanal mezcal, in order to contribute to the sustainability and regional preservation of the endemic agaves.


Mezcal could not be explained without the gastronomy, the music and the folklore which characterize the CONVITES of Oaxacan village festivities. To preserve these traditions, CONVITE promotes the cultural richness of our producing region. We actively participate in the preservation of our festive traditions, local gastronomy and natural beauty for which we have pushed forward the development of apps which show the cultural richness of San Baltazar.


As part of a bigger project, we promote traditional music from the San Vicente Music Initiation School band for low-income children. Preserving our local traditions is important: it would be impossible to explain the existence of our mezcal without these.