The importance of Mezcal in Oaxaca

You can not say “mezcal” without evoking the memories of the festivities and tours of the palenques of Oaxaca.


Mezcal is not just a drink that represents tradition, culture and party in Oaxaca, it encompasses the work of entire families, who day by day join forces to continue making this drink, respecting the ancestrality and mysticity that characterizes it, as well as being of the main sources of income in the communities where it occurs and that in most cases have a high marginality index.


Statistics from the Mezcal Regulatory Council (COMERCAM) show that Oaxaca stands for over 85% of the mezcal produced among all the producing states and is the principal exporting state.


The numbers also show that over 67% of the mezcal sold nationally and 81% of the mezcal sold internationally is bottled in Oaxaca. The mezcal sector creates over 17,000 direct jobs and 75,000 indirect jobs (COMERCAM, 2017).


Because of this, the mezcal is of great importance to Oaxaca. The production of mezcal has implied a reduction in migration flows and on the other hand, it has attracted hundreds of tourists interested in learning more about this spirit drink and enjoy it on a terrace along the main tourist street of Oaxaca or in the palenque in the welcoming company of the master distillers.

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